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The expenses feature allows you to record all your businesses expenses. You can record expenses that you incur on customer’s projects or expenses you incur in the operation of your business.

Expenses incurred on customer projects can be invoiced to the customer.

The best place to start is the Expenses page.

:: Main Menu > Sales > Expenses

Managing Expenses

From this page, you are able to view and do the following:
  • (1) & (2) Record a new expense.
  • (3) Filter expenses, using a detailed filter panel. You can filter expenses by dates, categories, statuses, etc.
  • (4) Toggle the quick stats panel.
  • (5) Search your expenses, using the free text search box.
  • (6) Delete an expense.
  • (7) Edit an expense.
  • (8) View an expense.
  • (9) Additional expense management settings, via the quick actions button.

Recording Expenses

Basic information

  • Description
  • Date
  • Amount 
  • Category
  • Billable
    • Select this option to enable you to invoice this expense.
  • Client
    • For internal, business expenses, you can leave this blank
  • Project
    • For internal, business expenses, you can leave this blank
  • Attach A Receipt
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