1. Invoices Overview

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Grow CRM makes getting paid by your clients very easy and efficient. You are able to bill your customers in a variety of ways. From one -time invoices to recurring invoices, we have made the process easy and intuitive.

The place to start is the invoices pages.

:: Main Menu > Sales > Invoices

From this page, you are able to view and do the following:
  • (1) Create a new invoice
  • (2) Filter invoices, using a detailed filter panel. You can filter invoices by dates, categories, statuses, etc.
  • (3) Toggle (hide/show) the Quick Stats panels
  • (4) Search your invoices, using the free text search box.
  • (5) Delete an invoice
  • (6) Edit an invoice
  • (7) Additional invoice management settings, via the quick actions button.
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