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This page is continually being updated. We will explain the various errors and their possible solutions.

In the information below, references will be made to error logs. Please make sure you have read the section on how to download and view error logs.


If you are getting a blank white page, be it during setup or when using the application, it means that the application has encountered an error, however, your web hosting server is not set to display the error(s) on the screen. You can instead take a look at the error logs, to identify the error.


If you get a popup that says that the request could not be completed, it usually means that an error was encountered when processing your request/action. Please download the error logs to see more details about the actual error.


If you are not getting any emails (e.g. transactional emails), please ensure that you have completed setting up your email settings, in the application’s email settings section.

If you have completed setting up your email server and you are still not getting any emails, these are the possible reasons and solutions.

  • Email is being treated as spam.
    • This is a common error and is not caused by the application. You will need to contact your web hosting provider so that they can help you set up DKIM & SPF records for your domain name. DKIM & SPF records are used by email providers to verify and increase the trust of email coming from your server.
  • Your email server has been blacklisted.
    • This is another common problem. where your web hosting server may have been blacklisted due to current/previous spamming. This is usually common for shared hosting. You can check if your server has been blacklisted here. If your server is blacklisted, you will need to contact your web hosting provider for help.
  • SMPT port is not open.
    • If you are using a service like Digitalocean or Vultr, you may need to contact them and ask them to open the SMTP port on your droplet/server. Some providers do not have this port open by default.

  • You can also reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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