2. Creating Invoices

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Grow CRM allows you to easily manage your invoices. You are able to create one-time invoices or recurring invoices.  The next sections will explain how to create either type of invoice.

Creating An Invoice

You can create a new invoice by clicking on the (1) Quick Add icon or by clicking on the (2) Add Invoice Button.

Basic information

    • Invoice Date *
    • Due Date *
    • Client *
    • Project *
    • Category *

Additional information

    • Tags
      • Tags can be any text that allows you to easily identify or highlight important information about the invoice.
    • Notes
      • You can add invoice notes, which are not visible to the client
    • Terms & Conditions
      • Default invoice terms are set via the dashboard settings section. You can change these default terms when you create or edit an invoice

Creating A Recurring Invoice

The process of creating a recurring invoice starts with the steps shown above (i.e creating a regular invoice). Once the invoice has been created, you will then have the options to make it a recurring one.

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