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The Project Management section of the dashboard gives you easy access to all the resources linked to a project. From this section, you have access to view and manage items such as:

  • Overview
    • View the progress of the project
    • View the project members
    • View the dates of the project
    • View the billing structure of the project
    • View a summary of invoices and payments
  • Event Timeline
    • This shows you a historic summary of all the activity around a project.
  • Tasks
  • Files
  • Support Tickets
    • This section lists all the tickets that are associated with the client. You are also able to easily manage the support tickets from this section. Including, creating, editing, and deleting support tickets.
  • Financial
    • This section includes all the project’s financial resources, such as:
      • Invoices
      • Estimates
      • Expenses
      • Timesheets
  • Notes – You can create notes relating to the project. These notes are not visible to the client. They are visible to the rest of your team.
  • Edit the project
  • Delete the project

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