Common Installation Errors

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Installing Grow CRM is normally quick and without any errors. However, below are some errors that you may encounter during installation.

These errors are normally caused by a server that does not meet the minimum server requirements.

Blank white page

If you are getting a blank white page, be it during setup or when using the application, it means that the application has encountered an error, however, your web hosting server is not set to display the error(s) on the screen. You can instead take a look at the error logs, to identify the error.

A system error occurred whilst trying to process this request

If you get this error when you are just starting the installation process, clear your browser cache and then try again.

Request Could Not Be Completed

If you get a popup that says that the request could not be completed, it usually means that an error was encountered when processing your request/action. Please download the error logs to see more details about the actual error.

500 Server Error

If you are getting a 500 Server Error message, please check the error logs to get details about the error.

504 Gateway Timeout Error

This error usually indicates that the application is failing to write files to certain folders. You must set writeable permissions of the following files and folders. You can do this via your FTP client (right-click the folder and select ‘permissions’) or via SSH, using the **chmod 0777** command.


Some require permissions to be set to 0755 and not 0777. Typically you willknow because you will get a 500 Server Error.







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