Recurring Invoices

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Recurring invoices allow you to bill your customers automatically, on a regular basis.

To create recurring invoices, you must first create a regular invoice. This will act as the first invoice that your customer will receive and it will also act as a template for all future/automatic invoices.

Once you have created your regular invoice, you can make it recurring as shown below


(1) Click on the recurring invoices icon and select Recurring Settings

(2) & (3) Set how often the invoice should recur. If for example, you want the invoice to repeat every month, select 1 & month

(4) The cycle determine how many times the invoice should recur. If you want it to recur indefinitely, set the value to 0

(5) The next invoice date, tells the application when it should start creating the recurring invoices. For example, if your invoice is recurring every month, then this date should be 1 month from the date that you created the initial/regular invoice.

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