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If you are getting a 500 server error, it means that the application has encountered an error on the server side.

The most common reasons for this error are:

– Running an incorrect version of PHP

Please click here for details on how to set the correct version of PHP in your web hosting control panel

– Incorrect folder permissions

This error happens typically when you have set folder permissions to 777. You should try and set them to 755 instead.

Below is a list of folders that need to be writable

  • updates
  • storage
  • storage/avatars
  • storage/logos
  • storage/logos/clients
  • storage/logos/app
  • storage/files
  • storage/temp
  • application/storage/cache
  • application/storage/cache/data
  • application/storage/debugbar
  • application/storage/logs
  • application/storage/app
  • application/storage/app/public
  • application/storage/framework
  • application/storage/framework/cache
  • application/storage/framework/cache/data
  • application/storage/framework/sessions
  • application/storage/framework/testing
  • application/storage/framework/views
  • application/storage/framework/laravel-excel
  • application/bootstrap/cache
  • application/storage/app/purifier
  • application/storage/app/purifier/HTML
  • application/.env

You can make folders writable (chmod) via your file explorer inside your web hosting control panel.

If you are still getting a 500 server error, you can contact your web hosting provider for assistance.

You can also reach out to our customer support team for assistance.

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