Why Freelancers Need Project Management Software

Project Management Software

Freelancers are known for their hectic schedules and large workloads. In the daily life of a freelancer, a lot of things happen. Because they usually work for numerous clients at a time, it can be difficult to keep track of the status of each project. There are usually numerous things to be done at different times.

Due to the nature of the work, freelancers usually need effective and reliable project management software. This will help them organise their projects and enable track all client activities accurately and more closely.

A project management software is beneficial for the following reasons:

Freelance Project Management Software

1. Create and track projects

The best way to make a client happy is to finish their projects on time and according to their needs. A good project management application will help you create a project from scratch easily and will also allow you to track the project. Many of such applications come with tools for tracking the time on projects as well as activities up to the final payment.

2. Generate instant reports

Clients are always happy to see that their projects are being worked on. You can easily update your clients about the project progress, if you have an integrated platform like Grow CRM. Many times writing reports and sending them through an email system takes a lot of time.

You need a tool that can help you compile and send project reports to your clients as the projects are being done. Doing this will keep your client happy and trust your work process for more project work.

3. A much easier way to bill your clients

Most of the time, many clients will tell you to send them your invoice before paying you. Compiling an invoice for your payout is not difficult but it can be a time-consuming process. The time used to compile an invoice can be used for other meaningful activities. With a reliable CRM, you can simply compile all invoices and send the amount that is billable for every task independently.

The software comes with simple mathematical functions that allow you to sum up all necessary figures. After this, it then generates the invoice automatically. The CRM will usually come with an email functionality that allows you to easily customize a message and send it through to the client.

4. Easy collaboration

Certain freelancers work on complex projects. For some complicated projects, you might be required to work in teams and collaborate often with other people. This means that you will need to get a project management tool that supports seamless collaboration among members of a project team. Grow CRM support advanced project collaboration.

This means that you can easily add people to the project and remove them when they are done. When you add people to a project, this makes it possible for better coordination, and the ability to complete various task dependencies together in real-time.

Using a CRM software like Grow CRM makes it possible for you to keep all your project-related documents in the cloud. This way all project team members can easily contribute to the main project work.

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