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The time tracking feature of Grow CRM enables you and your team to keep track of the amount of time that you spend working on your projects.

It works by providing you with a timer, which you can start and stop, as you work on project tasks.

Time tracking is a feature that is linked to tasks. You have to create some tasks under your projects, in order for you to track the time you spend working on them.

Getting Started

When you are viewing tasks that you are assigned to, you will notice that they will have a timer icon, as shown below (1).

The image above is illustrating the following:
  • (1) You are assigned to this task, but the timer is currently not running. When you start working on this task, you can click the start/play icon, and the timer will start recording.
  • (2) This is a task that has been marked as completed. The timer can no longer be started on this task.
  • (3) This is a task that you are currently working on and the timer is running. You can stop this timer by simply clicking the stop icon.

You are also able to start and stop a timer from inside the task window, as shown below.

Time Sheets

Timesheets are a record of all the time that you have spent working on project tasks.

To view your timesheets, you click on your profile avatar and select My Timesheets.

For the admin user, you are also able to view all users timesheets (App > Other > Timesheets)

The image above illustrates the following:

  • (1) A record of time spent on a task, on a given date. The time has not been invoiced to the customer. You are able to delete this time record.
  • (2) A record of time spent on a task, which has since been invoiced to the customer. You are not able to delete this timer. You can however view the invoice that it was billed to. If the invoice is deleted, you will then be able to delete this time record or to bill it to another invoice.
  • (3) The filter feature helps you to find specific time records. You are also able to group time records, per task or per user, for a broader view.

Invoicing Time Spent

You are able to bill time records from the invoice page. Click here for more information.

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